Executive Protection

Executive protection is the integration and utilization of both physical and technical security measures and countermeasures to protect the life of Protectee(s)/Principal(s), or Corporate Assets. Executive Protection is sometimes referred to as “Body Guarding.” However, that term is slowly falling by the wayside and being replaced with a higher level of professionalism. Sometimes executive protections is also called, “Dignitary Protection.”

At Chris Loomis Consultations we maintain a staff of the highest trained individuals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and the emergency medical services. These individuals possess the required education, are disciplined and non-confrontational, and well trained in incident avoidance and defensive tactics. We provide services in California and beyond when required, and internationally when needed.

When hired we fulfill all aspects of the Executive Protection detail:

Threat Assessment

Site Survey

Background Investigations

Location Advance

Coordination of the Security Detail/Team

Technical Security Counter Measures (“Bug Sweeping”)

At Chris Loomis Consultations we make customer satisfaction a priority which adds peace of mind and value by providing our services in a discreet, professional, trustworthy manner while upholding the highest level of integrity. Our Executive Protection Agents abide by a strict code of honor, courage, integrity, ethics, and duty.

We have built a reputation for excellence that is recognized and respected throughout the entire United States!

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