Missing Persons Investigations

Missing Persons Investigations are a serious form of people search.  The missing person investigation must first attempt to find out why the person is missing. If foul play is suspected or if it could be a possibility, and then when applicable notify the proper Officials.  

People searches may be taken on for many different reasons or needs. One very common people search is for a long lost friend, perhaps a former classmate you haven’t spoken to in many years and you would like them to come to an upcoming class reunion. A former buddy from your days of military service, a former boyfriend or girlfriend you would love to see about rekindling an old romance with.

Perhaps you were adopted or gave up a child for adoption and have always wanted to make contact.  Maybe you are the sibling of a family that was separated early in your life due to some circumstances in your home. Have you longed to make contact with the brother or sister you have missed all of your life?  You never met your birth mother or father, but would just like to know who they are and if they would like to meet you.

Another form of search is a “Witness Locate.” Witness locates are extremely important. It may be for the individual who needs to know more facts about an automobile accident or possibly a civil case that needs the help of an important witness, but they cannot be found through the normal means. Attorneys frequently use the services of Chris Loomis Consultations to locate witnesses for a variety of cases, both civil and criminal (as well as conducting taped and transcribed interviews).

Skip traces are another very serious form of people search due to the fact that this person or these persons do not want to be found. They have “skipped town” and frequently they use an alias name to disappear. This can include everything from renters who have damaged property where they previously lived, to someone who has cheated someone financially. Skip traces are conducted by anyone from employers, to businesses, to bail bond providers. 

Chris Loomis Consultations uses the latest technology and has access to information others are not privy to, as well as the investigative expertise, that will produce results and locate the subject of the investigation! 


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