At times it becomes necessary to conduct surveillance on individuals or entities making assertions that are difficult to believe or outright fabrications. Maybe there is a need to confirm the facts of a person’s whereabouts or statements. Utilizing our vast experience Chris Loomis Consultations can diligently locate and maintain visual contact of targeted individuals, groups or properties. Surveillance is often the key in obtaining evidence during that momentary window of opportunity. Evidence in the form of still photographs, video and/or written reports can make the difference for your peace of mind or any claim that has arisen.

 We offer the best video and digital surveillance for Domestic Relations, Infidelity, Insurance, and Fraud Investigations.  Our surveillance skills are top-notch. Our technology and equipment is adjustable to every type of investigation.

Chris Loomis Consultations’ Investigators are also keenly aware of counter surveillance techniques employed by those that know or believe they are being watched!

 Whatever the scenario or situation Chris Loomis Consultations can successfully handle any assignment regardless of it being static or dynamic.


-A Private Investigations Firm-

P.O. Box 660351

Arcadia, CA 91006 U.S.A.

(626) 230-3137 Office


CA PI Lic. # 24384

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