Officials defend response in Red Line stabbing –

August 23, 2011

Sounds to me like the LASD has nothing to defend….. This is the first fatal incident since 1993…. These Deputies were 10-97/on scene four minutes after the train stopped…. The Detectives that are handling this case are working on identifying the outstanding suspect from a surveillance tape…..

As a citizen of Los Angeles County, hearing about this sort of response to this type of an incident fills me with pride. Its an obvious display of dedication, committment, and professionalism.

The LASD is getting kind of a bad rap right now. They’re being accused of racial bias out in the Landcaster. Ive read a few of the articles written about whats going on. It reminds me of cases and complaints past.

This is the best, most ironic thing: I also read an article recently  about the Lancaster Burglary Team that is being commended for making a huge seizure of pot and arrests based on Deputies literally smelling the weed!

Ya know, Ive known a few Deputies and worked with a few Deputies in my time…. I feel safe at night because of them and their caliber!

Father, 2 sons booked over drug find in S. Calif. – Sacramento News – Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee

August 16, 2011

Glendale Considers a Permanent Ban on California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

July 30, 2011

Glendale Considers a Permanent Ban on California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries 

Just two months before a moratorium prohibiting California medical marijuana dispensaries from opening is set to expire, the Glendale City Council is considering a permanent ban on these so-called “pot shops”. Like many other cities and counties throughout the state, Glendale enacted the moratorium in an effort to prevent an over saturation of California medical marijuana dispensaries.  In California, people are legally allowed to possess, grow, buy and use marijuana if a doctor has recommended its use to help treat a physical condition. California medical marijuana laws also apply to the user’s “primary caregiver”.  Many people open medical marijuana dispensaries or cooperatives so that they can collectively grow and exchange marijuana in a legally recognized fashion. Others open up these shops hoping to make a killing on selling what they believe is legal weed, selling to persons who have not been deemed “qualified patients” under California’s medical marijuana laws.  As a result, these storefronts are frequently the subject of scrutiny and prosecution, which has lead to an increase in local ordinances that have banned their operation.