Copper thieves hit SoCal school – Sacramento News – Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee

August 20, 2011

Frick’in Tweakers!!!! I hate tweakers….

And the thing about this is this: it is metal theft. What happena is the suspect steals the copper, and then sell the metal to a recycling center.

Thia is the same process, basically, as when catalytic converters are stolen from below cars.

The major problwm arises from a lack of state law. You see, in my humble opinion, if there was a state law in effect requiring recycling centers to obtain identification at the time of weighing the commodity, the bad guys would hqve to jump through a major hoop.

It wouldnt solve the problem completely, but it sure wpuld give the cops a little more juice to catch the bad guys.

LA-area truck-theft ring targeting Toyota Tacomas |

August 13, 2011

I didnt gwt out my reference book, but based on the year of the Toyotas that are being stolen Im going to venture to say that they are being easily stolen due to their not have an ignition transponder.

27 rifles stolen from Southern California military base; feds offer reward for more arrests – The Washington Post

July 30, 2011

*I would have preferred the M4’s that were on the base over the AK47’s.  😉